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We support Black entrepreneurs with grants, financial literacy training, and business development tools to help them launch + scale their businesses! 

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Competition 2021


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“I want everyone to recognize that BBIF is more than a lending organization; they understand what you want, what you need, and ensure that you have access to it.”

“BBIF is my life support; I went there for a loan, but what I received through consulting was more valuable than money alone could ever be.”

“BBIF Florida really cares and tries very hard to make sure that their clients learn the skills they need to take them to the next level.”

— Thomas Kornegay, CEO of TeKontrol Inc

— Bridgette Bennett, CEO & Founding            Attorney of Bennett Law Center

— Phylisa Dever, CEO of Kingdom                  Communications, LLC


Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF) is calling on organizations, companies, non-profits, and individuals to #ReversetheRed by joining us as we invest fair, affordable, and responsible capital directly into Black-owned businesses.